Quortshirts, custom artistic t-shirts. Art to wear not only piece of cottons!


I write something about me, that can describe me and what I do... It's not easy, but I try. I live with my two sons - Roberta and Alessandro - in the south of Italy: the Apulia, the land of olive trees, of  the candid "Trulli"  

(unique buildings in the world), of the Romanesque cathedrals and castles, of the fortified farms,of  baroque architecture and much more than this!

My town , Bari  


is on the sea and I couldnever live far from it.


In this shop I sell personalized homemade t-shirts, on request, printed and painted by me with a particular technique which makes the image on relief.

What I immediately want to clarify is that this is NOT a PROFESSIONAL website, and it doesn't want to become it.

It is not  because there are clearly some small mistakes; it's because I don't like perfection... I think it is sad, cold and lowering.

Here I make all by myself : it's my reign!

As well as I'm learning English alone and for this I ask you to turning a blind eye when you'll read my howlers

I create and modify pictures, I print, I paint, I prepare the packages, I compile the shipping receipts, I run to the post office, I buy materials, I wash and I iron the t-shirts, I take care of the website, the contacts with the customers, the social networks, obviously my sons, my home and my kitchen... but there, in kitchen,  I'm a disaster!


By the time I live in an eternal confusion


and my days are full of things to do and sometimes they go on for 18-20 hours ...but I love what I do,  trying to communicate with my t-shirts all my passion for art, literature, music, cinema, animals, nature and fight for human rights.

Every time I send one of my t-shirts I get excited, because I know it will be dressed up by a person, in a place so far, who appreciates my work and, buying one of them, contributes to my little business, .had a little help to me.

There's an invisible bridge that has linked us and that the t-shirt will cross bringing with itself a little part of me.

I could write a lot of things about me and about what I've done in my life,  I had lots of experiences, jobs, loves, I have my family, a lots of friends, but what I really want to say is that, when I was young, I always had inside me a strong impulse to express the emotions I felt about everything were surrounding me, but I wasn't able to... then, some years ago I wrote and published two brief novels

and I started to paint my customizable painted  t-shirts.  

Now I do this and I like it very much :)


Thank you to stopping by  here to read this things about me.


Who knows!

One day we could meet...

In the meanwhile I'm here and I will be happy if you want to write me something or if you'll need some explanations.

Contact me here in my site