Frida Kahlo: a continuos and steady ispiration source for artists.

Frida Kahlo is everywhere!

You can found her images on murals, handbags, t-shirts. Several books are bublished talking about her, her art, her poetics. Many Frida's art exhibitions are inaugurated everywhere!

For me, Friducha, is a great source of inspiration. I love so much  to paint and to realize  my  artistic t-shirts with  her  images, her self-portraits and her quotes, that in my shop I I have a whole Frida Kahlo T shirts  Collection .


I love my job because it gives me a lot of stimulus to explore and  to study many aspects that I didn't know before.

 With Frida Kahlo  I've never been disappointed ... every time I read a new book about her, so many details  make me appreciate this great woman, painter and poet, more and more.

 The following  is my Frida Kahlo's Artistic T-shirt  best-seller 

 I realized On Demand  this Frida Art tshirt, the 1st time, for Pitsy, one of my customers, who lives in Belgium. I'm really grateful to her.

Since that day, I've put so many Frida artistic  t-shirts in my e-shop, but this one is  always my favourite!!!

I realize the tee with or without  Frida Kahlo's quotes, and so I sell custom T shirts you can chose the sentence  you prefere, also oversizes!




I adore  this shirt so much and this is  also the reason why I gifted one  to my daughter, as gift to her last Bday!!!







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