Another Great Woman Painted 3d on my T-shirts: Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich Art to Wear T-shirt.
There are characters who fascinate me more than others, and that entice me to paint on my T-shirts... not only for the artistic abilities but for their  strength of character and their civil engagement .
The one I'm working on now,
is MARLENE DIETRICH, a great German/American actress and singer who, in addition to being one of the first stars and one of the most seductive actresses of the 30s, 40s and 50s, has obstinately opposed the Nazi regime,

 Painting Marlene Dietrich on T-shirt

Marlene Dietrich T-shirt Painted 3d

Marlene Dietrich Tshirt Art To Wear
Marlene has hosted German and French exiles , she has provided financial support to create a fund to help Jews and dissidents to flee Germany and has made available her entire fee for the movie " Knight Without Armor" to help the refugees.
It is said that she was planning to get in bed Hitler to kill him in his sleep.

I'm proud to have another Great woman, Marlene Dietrich, a controversial female figure painted on my handmade T-shirts

Marlene Dietrich painted 3d T-shirt by Quortshirts 

This is my tribute to a courageous woman who has been able to openly oppose the Nazis and had no fear of performing for frontline soldiers or went into Germany with two Generals, in spite of the obvious danger of being within a few kilometres of German lines. She also was able to put her beauty, fame and MONEY in the humanitarian efforts during the WWII to save french and german jews.

Hope you like it!

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