The Power of flowers on my Painted 3d T-shirts

I want to paint Flowers on my T-shirts!

I barely slept last Spring we should sleep as much, but I have to prepare some custom T-shirts and I'm already late

I open my eyes in a bad mood, I'm a bit grumpy

"which kind of annoying   day awaits me today"?

I decide to prepare an herbal tea lemon balm, rusks gluten free with some blueberry jam and I go out on the balcony to have breakfast.
With saucer in one hand and  cup in the other, I raise my head and look around listlessly

Like  the touch of a magic wand fills of bright little stars  the space in front of me, the sun's rays alight gently on plants and flowers and my eyes fill with green... and red and fuchsia ...and yellow ...and pink and blue... and purple ...and violet and periwinkle.

Scents and colors are everywhere and come inside me.

I put the cup and saucer on the table, 

pulled back the chair and sit down to watch in silence ...  here and there only a few chirpings and buzzings.

"What a great day today!

It's necessary a tribute to so much beauty and harmony...I'll paint flowers on my shirts!"

So I take and  organize my colors, brushes,  T-shirts and the  flowers bloom in my lab and on my painted t shirts.

In no time at all, gerberas, daisies,  roses, lotus flowers, lobelias are on my t-shirts....

Spring is painted 3d on my T shirts.




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