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Flowers Necklace Still Life Miniature Painted Handmade Jewel

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This is my original still life miniature painted with water colors on relief in an  handmade necklace .

The chain is bronzed as well as the oval with glass cabochon that I will realize on YOUR demand  if you decide to buy it 

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My Art Neckaces on sale are  handmade art jewel that I  paint and realize for YOU 

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In this Flowers' necklace  I put a pink fresh water pearl and a  tiny faceted aquamarine stone wire drapped by me to the bronzed chain 

Realizing  my necklace I assemble the single pieces of the necklace with my hands and my tools, then I paint   the flowers  and when they dry, I re-enclose the miniature painting   in the cabochon, I add the pearl and  tiny aquamarine and finally control and put them in jute bags just for YOU :)

Your artistic painting necklace will arrive in a jute bag with some decoration ... every time different!

Measures and details:

Chain Style & Size: 24" Rolo loop Chain 

Color: Vintage Brass/Bronze

Cabochon: 3cm x 4cm  (1.18" x 1.57")

Pearl: 9 mm 

Tiny aquamarine: 5 mm

Lenght chain whith closed hook ( when docked):  31 cm ( 12") 

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