Afrocentric  T-shirt PAINTED 3D Black Fashion Ethnic Afro

Afrocentric T-shirt PAINTED 3D Black Fashion Ethnic Afro

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I will hand print and paint  for YOU with Permanent Colors on relief, this fabulous Black Women portrait on YOUR T-shirt

You can WASH all my T-shirts

**** When you order it, indicate in the note if you prefere I paint the hat of the Queen in red or orange ****

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My Afro T-shirts , my black beauty t-shirts, in  this historical moment, want to represent my solidarity with the African people and especially to women, whose beauty is dazzling and carries with it the pride of Africa

so...I  created an  Afrocentric Artistic Collection T shirts as my personal tribute to the beauty and to support the independence of black women.

*** Your T shirt will arrive packaged in this original box perfect as a gift! ***

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All items in my shop are created by me, this makes them exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!