The Beauty of Black Natural Hair

What is black Natural hair?

Black hair is the natural curls and kinks that grow from the head of a black woman so,  African American women wear their hair in various styles such as afro, puffs, dreadlocks, and so on.



Black hair is a subject because as  the black culture it faces a lot of controversies. Black women have always been discriminated for their unique natural hair. This discrimination stems from what society has deemed it fit to consider as "the standard of beauty". It turns out that in this day and time society's standard for beauty remains Eurocentric.

Beautiful hair is represented by straight, smooth strands of white women and natural black hair is stigmatised as unpresentable and unkempt. This prejudice is well expressed in the workplaces too and prevents most coloured women from progressing with their careers.

The truth is black hair is as different as black skin.

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But being different is not a bad thing, it is unique and should be embraced.

It is our disparities that make the world a beautiful place filled with diversity.

Melanin beauty is worth celebrating as much as natural black hair.

Thankfully, black girls are learning to own their queendom and accept the fact that black girls rock.

Here are some unique facts about black hair:

Black hair is fashionable and can be styled in several ways


The style options for natural black hair would include an afro, puffs, weaves, braids, perm and so on. Black hair is unique because black girls can wear any style they desire with it.

Black girls  need all the natural oils they can get to maintain their thick curls and  this is a  part of the requirements to maintain healthy natural hair.

Black hair defies gravity

This is quite obvious from the fact that black hair grows upwards instead of downwards. This quality is what makes them especially suitable for gravity-defying styles such as puffs.


Quortshirts celebrates black beauty and natural hair becauseI believe in black fashion and the African American beauty.

This is why to support the fight for civil rights and black people I have created a dedicated Afrocentric T-shirts section. I use this to celebrate black girls and black beauty in fashion.

Wearing my handmade Afrocentric T-shirts is our way to promote the elimination of discrimination and the unnecessary suffering of millions of people.

This is just my little contribute.

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  • Yes ! Wake our Queens back up ! Our hair is a gift of beauty and a reminder of the strength and power we unknowingly or secretly hold.

    Sharaylyn McEntyre

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