"The light exists in Spring" E. Dickinson

We are in Spring.
Flowers everywhere around me, the season that I love more is finally arrived!

How to express with one of my painted 3d tshirt such a beauty?

I have thought about the lotus flower
symbol of rebirth in many cultures but...
it is not enough and then I think about flowers.
What are flowers?
For me...flowers are the expression of the Poetry of the Nature and Poetry is pure feeling transformed into words, sounds and signs with magical minds of poets.
So...my mind carries me to the verses of one of the greatest poetesses of all time, Emily Dickinson and to her verses in which she celebrat, in a poem, the mysterious light of spring:

" The lights exists in Spring,
not present on the Year
At any other period..."

I hope you like the final result: my Lotus Flower Emily Dickinson T shirt 

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